ProBux: Is it a Scam? If you are visiting this site most probably is that you are looking for answer to this question. So let’s see if ProBux is a Scam.

Before all we must define “Scam”, according with Dictionary “Scam” is:

“A fraudulent or deceptive act or operation”

With this in mind lets now see if ProBux is a Scam?

Most of the claims and accusations that ProBux is a Scam are based in their “Rented Referrals” with several people saying they rent Bots and not real Humans and sustain it with the strange and low clicking behavior the most of the referrals have.

But the truth is that there are no real evidence to support the accusations that ProBux is a Scam because they rent Bots instead of real Humans.

Many others say ProBux is a Scam because it’s not possible to have profit with it. This is pure non sense by several reasons but mainly:

ProBux is a website that requires no investment in order to gain money or to withdraw your gains. Any investment made by any user is option of the user it self and not a obligation.
I and many others that I know personally have achieved ROI (Return Over Investment) or by other words: We are in profit.

As you can see there is really nothing to sustain the claims that ProBux is a Scam. Like in every business there will be those who will succeed and those who will not, and normally those that not succeed don’t deal very well with it and end up putting the blame on others. In this case saying that ProBux is a Scam and blaming it for their failure.

Now that you know that ProBux is not a Scam , register now!